CDB_DATA_FILES Not Showing All Files

Something strange I’ve just come across when trying to see my database files after migrating a non cdb into a pdb. Lets look at what is going on.

Connect to the container database and check the database files.

Now connect to the pdb and show total files:

Metalink has a note about something similary : CDB_DATA_FILES and V$DATAFILE Not Showing Same Number Of Files (Doc ID 1575725.1)

Update 13/04/2014

Following up, lets look at some of the pdb violations and see if fixing them solves our problem.

So to remove the old EM DB control, log in to the pluggable database and run

For Database Vault

So lets look at counts again. On the container.

On the PDB

All looks good. So whats the message? Make sure you go through all the pre req steps and remove any components which can have compatibility issues in 12c. I’m leaving the Apex issue and the OLS issue for now as the database will gone shortly.

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