Golden Gate Flat File Adapter

Oracle Golden Gate is a heterogeneous replication tool supporting a number of database technologies. So if your database is not supported (eg. Netezza, Greenplum) you have the option of using the flat file adapter plugin.

Lets go through an example of setting this up. Files can be downloaded from OTN or

  • GG –
  • FF Adapter –
  • Here’s a high level view of what it all looks like in real life but we’ll simplify it and just run on single server.

    Golden Gate Flat File

    Firstly install Golden Gate on the source database server. I won’t go into the install details as its pretty straight forward with the 12c version using the OUI. After the installation of GG you then need to install the plugin by unzipping the download then untarring the file into the GG Home of the installation.

    Now lets prepare our database. We need to do a few things so Golden Gate exraction can work. Firstly add supplemental logging:

    Create GG User and Role.

    Create our test schema and table.

    Set Flashback Query

    Now its time to go into the GG comand line tool and configure our replication/extraction. Add checkpoint table.

    Generate the table definitions.

    Configure the extract

    Once all started lets check the status.

    Now we can update some data and lets see some flat files created.

    Now lets check to see if we have a flat file in our out directory as configured in


    3 thoughts on “Golden Gate Flat File Adapter

    1. Thanks Stojan Veselinovski, I just read this article. I am looking for setting up GG replication from oracle source server (oracle 12.1) to target server (IBM PureData).
      I see you explained well how to create a flat file on source. How do we update the Netezza server. You created pump but I did not see how you sent the flat file to Netezza server. Pl. update Thanks

      1. Hi Chou,

        This was a proof of concept for a particular project at the time. If memory serves me right the flat files would be written to NFS and be loaded by Netezza commands like copy and nzload.



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