Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( is Out has landed. You can download from or

The new features documentation can be found at Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( New Features

New features (other than the widely advertised in-memory option) include:

  • “Advanced Index Compression”
  • “Approximate Count Distinct”
  • “Attribute Clustering”
  • “Automatic Big Table Caching”
  • “FDA Support for CDBs”
  • “Full Database Caching”
  • “In-Memory Aggregation”
  • “In-Memory Column Store”
  • “JSON Support”
  • “New FIPS 140 Parameter for Encryption”
  • “PDB File Placement in OMF”
  • “PDB Logging Clause”
  • “PDB Metadata Clone”
  • “PDB Remote Clone”
  • “PDB Snapshot Cloning Additional Platform Support”
  • “PDB STANDBYS Clause”
  • “PDB State Management Across CDB Restart”
  • “PDB Subset Cloning”
  • “Rapid Home Provisioning”
  • “Zone Maps”
  • Time to download and have a play.

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