Deinstall 12c Agent Home

After a few issues with a 12c agent on a cluster I decided the best course of action was to reinstall and configure again. Here’s what I did to deinstall the agent.

Prior to the removal of the software I stopped the agents and used the emcli command line tool to remove all monitored targets for this host. This was done on both nodes of the cluster.

Next I tried the trusty runInstaller via the GUI and encountered the following problem.

deinstall _agent

After reviewing the deinstall guide I tried the graphical interface with the following syntax but hit the same issue.

Seeing I couldn’t deinstall in graphical mode the next thing to try was the silent mode option. Here’s what worked for me.

Deinstall the plug-in homes:

Deinstall the sbin home:

Deinstall the Management Agent:

And finally rm -rf on the agent directory to clean it all up. So now I was all ready to push out the agents again and configure my targets.

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