Extracting IP’s From Oracle Listener Log

There may be times when you want to extract all the client and host IP’s from the listener log to see who’s connecting to a particular database or service. I was interested in a particular service so the following will extract all IP’s connecting in to that service. Please not that our listener logs are […]

Moving a 20TB Database from ASM to NFS

One of the recent challenges I had was to migrate a 20TB database from ASM to NFS and then decommission ASM. This post will give an overview of how I achieved it in relation to the requirements. Currently our storage of choice for infrastructure is NFS on Netapp and most of our existing databases are […] – Full Database Caching

One of the new features of is full database caching. Some of the cynics out there might say “hey, this is how it used to work back in the pre 11 days” before this direct path read thingy. Lets see it in action.

We’ve created a table and set some dummy stats so […]

Solaris: Process spin and/or ASM and DB crash if RAC instance up for > 248 days (Doc ID 10194190.8)

There’s a nasty bug if you are running ASM on Solaris SPARC where the DB and ASM can crash if its been up for more than 248 days. This seems to only affect Solaris SPARC as its a bug in the compiler. Patches are available from to No patches available for 12c at […]

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( is Out has landed. You can download from http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/enterprise-edition/downloads/index.html or edelivery.oracle.com The new features documentation can be found at Oracle Database 12c Release 1 ( New Features New features (other than the widely advertised in-memory option) include: “Advanced Index Compression” “Approximate Count Distinct” “Attribute Clustering” “Automatic Big Table Caching” “FDA Support for CDBs” “Full Database Caching” […]

Database Startup and Strange Semaphore Problem

One of our Netapp SnapManager database backup jobs was failing due to the instance being down on the first node of a 10G 4 node Solaris RAC. The backups are only configured to run off the first node so when I went to start up the instance I got the following error message:

After […]

Heavy swapping observed on system in last 5 mins

As I was refreshing a dev database and checking out the alert log I noticed the following message:

To make sure it wasn’t to do with the refresh I looked at other database alert logs and history and found that this message has been constantly appearing in all logs for the last 6 months […]