NetApp SnapManager – Get Latest Successful Snap from Repo Database

Just started working with NetApp SnapManager and one of the questions I had was how can I find the latest successful snap per host for each database. Well looking around the smo repository we see a table called SMO_33_OPERATIONHISTORY. Now we can write a query to get the data we need.

Looks like exactly…


I’ve had a few issues applying earlier PSU’s on 12C GI so lets see how we go with the latest release of PSU 3. Download patch 18139660 from metalink. As always check you have the right version of OPatch.

Looks like I need the latest Opatch. Once downloaded backup existing Opatch and unzip…

Oracle HAIP

Starting with oracle introduced highly available IP (HAIP) addresses. This allows the oracle clusterware to provide redunadant interconnect usage without the need for bonding at the network interface level. More information on HAIP can be found here for Solaris. Lets see it in action. We have defined network interfaces across two vlans and the…

Solaris: PRVG-1509 when active/passive IPMP is being used

Upon installing 12C Grid Infrastructure on Solaris 5.10 the following problem was encountered during the pre installation checks.

Looking at our interface setup all seems ok. We have an active/passive IPMP group setup for our public interfaces to cater for failover. Confirmed with my trusty Unix admin that the setup was all good.

Heavy swapping observed on system in last 5 mins

As I was refreshing a dev database and checking out the alert log I noticed the following message:

To make sure it wasn’t to do with the refresh I looked at other database alert logs and history and found that this message has been constantly appearing in all logs for the last 6 months…

Disable Parallel Query for CDB_ Views

During my investigation in cdb$view bug I’ve come across the hidden parameter “_px_cdb_view_enabled” which can disable parallel query for cdb_ views. Lets see it in action. Leave at default and run query over cdb_data_files.

Now lets disable it by setting it to false and see what happens.

As you can see by the…