AWS DMS – Oracle to PostgreSQL and Object Case Issues

One of the differences between Oracle and PostgreSQL is the default behaviour of identifiers when they are not quoted. In Oracle it folds to uppercase (SQL Standard) while in PostgreSQL it folds to lowercase. So when you migrate from Oracle to PostgreSQL with AWS DMS, the DMS wraps the DDL with quotes and makes the […]

AWS S3 Object ACL and 403 Error

Recently I fell into the trap of S3 object ACL’s and the issue of an object having a different owner to the bucket. So when I tried to do something simple like the following I got a forbidden error.

This stumped me for a while as I couldn’t understand why an admin user connecting […]

Authorizing AWS Inbound Traffic For Your IP Using CLI

One of the security measures you may want to implement in your AWS setup is to have a bastion host or limit ssh access from the whole world and only use your private network. If you have your own account and your instances are exposed to the public you should at least limit ssh access […]

Simple PostgreSQL RDS CloudFormation Template

I’ve been working with the Amazon RDS offerings lately and used a few of the services and tools. Here’s a simple cloudformation sample to create a PostgreSQL RDS. The template creates a security group allowing access on port 5432 to subnet It also creates a database parameter group with the pg_stat_statements module as coming […]